Google Announces New Stadia Connect

Google announced this week its plans to have another Stadia Connect pretty soon to give Google [...]

Google announced this week its plans to have another Stadia Connect pretty soon to give Google Stadia users something to look forward to in terms of new games and other announcements. The next Stadia Connect will take place on April 28th at 9 a.m. PT, Google announced, though it didn't give an idea of what will be announced then. Still, Stadia users can expect to see some news about more games coming to the platform and perhaps even some information about the original games that Google said it's been working on within the Google Stadia studios that have been growing since the service's release.

The Stadia Connect was announced with a brief teaser trailer for the event, but the games shown there were ones that are already on the platform for those who either use the free version of the premium one. Whatever Google has planned, you can expect to see more about it on April 28th.

Google Stadia's collection of games available through the platform has been growing since launch with smaller games added periodically while the larger hits like Destiny 2: The Collection continue to be touted. Some of those games are free for Stadia Pro subscribers while most of them need to be bought.

While announcements about new games are expected to happen during the Stadia Connect, it's possible we'll see more announcements about the service itself and Google's plans for its future. Google just recently launched a two-month free trial of Stadia Pro since so many people are stuck at home looking for something to play, so perhaps we'll see similar developments from this Stadia Connect or talk of more features coming in the future.

Aside from adding games to its platform, Google's studios are also working on games themselves to set the service apart from others like it. Google acquired a studio not long ago that's currently working on some of those games, and it's even got its own first-party studio devoted to creating new experiences for Google Stadia users.

Tune into Google's next Stadia Direct on April 28th to see what the plans are for the service.