Stadia Announces New Pro Titles For April

Each month, Google Stadia users get access to free titles as part of their subscription plan. A new month is just around the corner, and Stadia has announced a trio of titles that will be available to users starting on April 1st. Serious Sam Collection, Spitlings, and Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) comprise this month's selections. Of course, Serious Sam Collection is actually composed of four games in total, so it's actually kind of like Stadia users are getting six free games in April. Given how many gamers are stuck spending time in-doors at the moment, every title definitely counts!

Of course, a new crop of Pro games coming in means that old Pro games will no longer be available for free. As such, March's free titles, Metro Exodus and Thumper, will go back to being paid titles. However, Pro members that have claimed the two games for free will still be able to play them without charge, so those who have yet to claim them will want to do so in the next few days!

In addition to April's free titles for Pro members, Stadia also announced two games coming to the service this week: The Crew 2, and Lost Words: Beyond the Page. Additionally, Stadia users will be able to purchase Guns, Love, and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright & Hammerlock, which is the latest DLC pack for Borderlands 3. The DLC pack releases tomorrow, which is particularly notable, as Stadia users will have it on the same day as players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The previous DLC pack for Borderlands 3 did not receive the same treatment.


Stadia's smaller library has been a point of consternation for users since the system released in November. However, Google continues to update the console's library slowly, but surely. Earlier this month, Google announced the opening of a new studio located in Playa Vista, and headed by former SIE Santa Monica Studio head Shannon Studstill. Clearly, Google is working to expand the number of offerings available for the video game streaming service.

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