Google Stadia Now Has Achievements

Google Stadia owners can now start tracking their progress in games through the tried and true achievement system now that achievements have been added to the platform. Google announced this week that the achievement system had arrived with an example of those achievements given to show what it’ll look like when you track them. It’s a pretty standard feature to have on a platform, but it’s release is a welcome one regardless.

An announcement shared by the Google Stadia Twitter account said that that the achievements had arrived and used Destiny 2 as an example, a game which has been at the forefront of Google Stadia advertising. Players who want to check their achievements and how they’re progression looks when trying to earn more can see their progress through PCs or their TVs, assuming you’re playing Stadia one of those two ways.

Unfortunately for Stadia users who want to check their achievements within the app, it doesn’t look like that capability is live just yet. A Twitter user replied to the Stadia account’s announcement and asked about finding achievements on a mobile device before being told that there is currently “no news to share about achievements in the Stadia app.” Like the feature itself, the answer was a pretty standard one, but seeing achievements in the Stadia app at least sounds like a feature that could be added at a later date.

To see your achievements as they’re earned, simply hit the Stadia button on a controller when you receive a pop-up on your screen that says you’ve earned an achievement. If you’re playing with a keyboard, hit the Shift and Tab buttons at the same time and you’ll see the achievement.

Google Stadia recently got a couple of new games like Borderlands 3, but the version of the game on that platform is an outdated one.