Google Stadia Price, Game Announcements, and Launch Info Will Be Revealed "Soon"

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(Photo: Google)

Today, Google announced that it will reveal the price-point, some game announcements, and launch information for the Stadia, its new Chrome-based streaming platform designed to help get its foot in the video game industry, "soon." As for what "soon" means, who knows. Google simply says more will be revealed this summer, but "soon," does seem to suggest early summer opposed to late summer. Of course, it's possible soon could be referring to E3, which is poised to take place next month. However, at the moment of publishing, Google hasn't announced any plans to be at E3 in any capacity. And knowing Google, it will likely put on its own event to talk more about the gaming platform.

For those that missed the announcement earlier this year: Stadia is a cloud gaming service from Google that is, according to the company, capable of streaming video games in 4K resolution, with HDR support and at 60 FPS. Of course, the performance of the platform is reliant on a user's Internet connection, but Google says it's servers are actually doing most of the heavy lifting, and thus players won't need very fast connections to use the Stadia. However, they still will need at the very least high speed Internet.

One of the bigger selling points is that the platform doesn't require players to download or update games. They can just jump in and start playing on any device with Google Chrome.


The platform comes with its own controller, but also supports HID class USB controllers. As for a release date, there's been no word beyond sometime 2019, but it sounds like that will change very soon.

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