Gotham Knights: Bruce Wayne Stripper Video Goes Viral

A new video showcasing Bruce Wayne behaving like a stripper in Gotham Knights has sent the internet into a bit of a frenzy. Gotham Knights is one of the biggest games of the fall season, but it doesn't seem to be making the splash that the developers may have intended or hoped for. The game received middling reviews and fans don't seem to be responding to it super well, especially after finding out that it runs at 30FPS. Given it's a new Batman/Batfamily game, many are comparing it directly to the Arkham series and noting that it doesn't stack up to those titles, much to their disappointment. Some are also mocking some of the game's writing and narrative choices.

One of the moments to get a lot of attention on social media is a clip of Bruce Wayne stripping and pole dancing on an ice sculpture of a penguin while The Penguin himself yells at the billionaire. It's revealed that this was a video that Bruce Wayne wanted planted to keep people from thinking he's Batman and give him plausible deniability. With that said, a lot of people would probably question why a playboy philanthropist would likely have a ton of scars all over his body from years of crime fighting, but that's besides the point. The video has gained a lot of traction on social media and YouTube, just like it probably would within the world of the game. Given Batman has many, many interpretations, this isn't terribly egregious, but some people have responded negatively to this scene.

In Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Bruce Wayne does frequently make a fool of himself. He purchases a hotel so he can go swimming with models in a fountain in Batman Begins, he takes the entire Russian ballet from Gotham City on his yacht to create an alibi for a trip to Hong Kong, and more to keep up appearances. Pole dancing with a penguin is certainly new, but perhaps not that out of place.

Gotham Knights is out now on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC. What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder