Grab This Nintendo eShop Gift Card For A Markdown Price

It’s nice being able to buy games off the Nintendo eShop, whether you’re shopping around for [...]


It's nice being able to buy games off the Nintendo eShop, whether you're shopping around for the Nintendo Switch or stocking up on games for the 3DS. But they can get a bit expensive, especially when they stack up on you. I mean, really, Sonic Mania is out today, and you should totally get it.

So it helps to save a few bucks – and, fortunately, the team at PC Games Supply is here to help. The company just put up its latest deal, which can net you a Nintendo eShop gift card that normally goes for $10 down to $7.

There doesn't appear to be a limit to purchasing these cards, though we could be wrong. There is a registration required for a PC Games Supply account, but it's free, and you can even register with Facebook if you choose to take that route (just make sure you don't authorize the company to post to your account for you – some sites are known for that).

It looks like the deal is a limited time one, as it's going to end sometime tomorrow morning. So if you're looking to get some Nintendo eShop games and want to save a few dollars, this seems like a pretty feasible option.

Better still, it's fairly easy to redeem these Nintendo eShop cards in the gift shop. Just head over to the section where you need to redeem the code, enter it, and you should see the funds automatically added to your account. Then, when you head over to the checkout with the purchases you have in mind, they'll automatically be deducted first before any sort of credit card funds are charged. It's a simple, painless process, and gets you that much closer to playing the games you want to play.

Remember, the deal ends very soon, so head on over and best sure to stock up. Sonic Mania isn't going to play itself, after all – and it never hurts to have the funds ready for Pokken Tournament DX and Super Mario Odyssey drop later this year. Happy shopping – and feel free to buy us some while you're at it.