Gran Turismo 7 Player Discovers UFO

A Gran Turismo 7 player has discovered the existence of aliens within the racing scene. This is a bit of a surprise, as Gran Turismo 7 is one of the most detailed, realistic racing simulators out there. Gran Turismo 7 has gotten rave reviews for its tight gameplay, life-like graphics, and impressive advancements from its predecessor, but it has not been immune from controversy. Upon the game's launch, players discovered that developer Polyphony Digital had implemented some incredibly expensive microtransactions. Players reported that they were even more expensive than the ones in the previous entry, causing many to get upset. Nonetheless, it didn't stop some from appreciating the careful attention to detail in the game.

Twitter user @taiG_typeRS discovered a UFO in Gran Turismo 7. It's a little difficult to spot in the video, but the UFO is hovering in the air before levitating upwards and flying away from the race track. For those who are skeptical of the footage, an image proves it's not just a glitch or some other object, it's a proper old-school saucer. Sadly, there are no little green men visible in the UFO, but it does seem to suggest even aliens enjoy a race. Or maybe they're spying on humans to see how fast their technology can go. It seems extremely unlikely aliens will make an actual appearance in Gran Turismo 7, but it is a fun way to shake up some races and realize the game isn't too self-serious.

Nonetheless, even though the game has a lot of love poured into it, some choices have infuriated players. Gran Turismo 7 was largely unplayable for 30 hours earlier this week after Polyphony took the game's servers offline for maintenance. At the time, the developer stated it needed to fix an issue with the latest update for the game, but didn't specify the problem. For hours, players were left in the dark and were only able to play a very basic arcade mode. The issue has since been resolved and the developer has apologized.

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