Grand Theft Auto Online Just Had One Of Its Biggest Months Ever

Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games wasted no time getting 2018 started on the right foot with a fresh new update to Grand Theft Auto Online, introducing a sleek new sports car into the mix, along with some new events and discounts. But in the midst of that announcement, the publisher has revealed that the game remains just as popular as it's ever been, coming off what's reportedly one of its biggest months yet.

The publisher posted about its new update on its official blog page, but along with confirming the new content, it also noted how big a month it had in December. "2017 was the biggest year of GTA Online yet, capped off by an epic December that saw more players in the game than ever before," it noted.

Now, it didn't provide a specific player count, as that's likely hard to nail down with everything that's happening within the game. However, Grand Theft Auto V recently cleared 70 million copies sold worldwide across all formats, indicating that its sales could be a driving factor in Auto Online's popularity – and vice versa, as some players see it as an additional bonus on top of an already robust campaign.

That number is likely to continue growing in 2018, as Rockstar Games remains just as devoted as ever to making new content for Online to keep its numbers rising. It didn't announce what yet, but there's a very good chance we could see more add-ons on the level of Smuggler's Run and Doomsday Heist, both of which have been very well received by players.

We'll let you know what Rockstar Games has planned next once they make an announcement. In the meantime, it's not too late to jump into Grand Theft Auto Online and join the fun – there's plenty to do here.


Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.