Grand Theft Auto Online's Latest Update Brings New Plane, Mode And More

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 7.45.47 PM

It's Tuesday, which means we've got a fresh new update to enjoy in Grand Theft Auto Online. This week, it's all about flying high in a new plane in an all new mode that will have you shooting folks out of the sky.

First up, you can now pick up the P-45 Nokota, a plane that "pays homage to the glory days of aviation," which can be bought at Warstock Cache & Carry.


In addition, you'll also be able to try out a new mode called Dogfight, in which opposing teams can take on one another across a series of 1v1 shootouts to see who conquers the sky. You can see a glimpse of that mode in the art below.


You can also take advantage of a number of savings from now through November 13th, with 25 percent off the following content:


  • 25% off Executive Office Renovations
  • 25% off Executive Garage Renovations
  • 25% off Executive Custom Auto Shop Renovations


  • 25% off Body Armor
  • 25% off Ammo


  • 25% off the Pegassi Torero (Sports Classic)
  • 25% off the Dune FAV (Weaponized Vehicle - both Buy It Now & Trade Price)
  • 25% off Liveries (all vehicles)
  • 25% off Bullet proof tires
  • 25% off Vehicle armor (land vehicles & aircraft)

And if you're happy to let the liquored-up artists at Ink Inc. or Blazing Tattoos go at you with a needle, there's also 25% off all Smuggler's Run Tattoos.

Last but not least, there's a new Premium Race and Time Trial to enjoy, which are available from now through November 13th. The Premium Race is called "Vinewood Downhill", and is limited to motorbikes; and as for the Time Trial, it allows you to get the fastest time possible on the Great Ocean Highway.

Taking on these events will reward you with additional GTA$ and RP, so hop in and prepare to stock up!

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now in Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.