Milestone Announces Gravel DLC and Season Pass

(Photo: Milestone)

Milestone has announced plans for both DLC as well as a season pass that’s coming soon to Gravel.

The off-road racing game will offer premium DLCs for players that include vehicles, tracks, events, and much more. While these DLCs can be picked up separately, five of them will also be included in the season pass that’ll net players each instance of bonus content as it’s released.

“For those ready to go beyond their limits, Gravel Season Pass will include 5 DLCs, which will give access to additional 12 new vehicles, 10 check point tracks, 4 new Wild Rush circuits and 2 new Off-Road Career Events with the aim of satisfying even the most demanding off-road racing fans,” the announcement from Milestone read.

In addition to the release of the season pass, a new version of the game called Gravel Special Edition will also be released, both of those becoming available on Feb. 27 for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Outside of the DLCs included in the season pass, new content will also be available for free so that players can expand their game even further with more cars and events. The first two free expansions have already been named and detailed, DLCs called Gravel Free car Bowler Bulldog and Gravel Free car Acciona.

Gravel Free car Bowler Bulldog

“For all four-wheel enthusiasts, this DLC gives access to the first exclusive free vehicle, available for download from 7 March.

“Straight from Great Britain, here's one of Bowler latest creations, the Bulldog, a concentration of power which makes the off-road experience even more thrilling and engaging. The perfect vehicle to prove your true worth!”

Gravel Free Car - Acciona

“If you think that an electric engine is a limitation, this stunningly powerful vehicle will make you change your mind very quickly.

“Acciona, the first and only electric vehicle to compete and finish the toughest official off-road races in the world, shows off with all its "energy" in the Gravel fleet. Acciona will be available to download starting from 21 March.”

More details on the rest of the upcoming DLC will be released at a later date.