GTA 5 Story Mode Is Being Invaded By Aliens Thanks to Hackers

GTA 5 Online has been invaded by alien cosplaying gangs, and now Grand Theft Auto V's story mode [...]

GTA 5 Online has been invaded by alien cosplaying gangs, and now Grand Theft Auto V's story mode is being invaded by straight up aliens, courtesy of hackers. There have been reports for years of hackers and modders hijacking GTA Online sessions, but rarely does this crossover into the game's separate story mode. That said, apparently the latter is happening at greater frequency, and it's unclear why.

The past few weeks, taking to social media and forum sites like Twitter and Reddit, Grand Theft Auto V players have been sharing their experiences of their GTA 5 story mode being hacked into. For example, this week on Reddit one player shared a screenshot captured from story mode featuring numerous UFOs filling the sky. The player notes they have no clue how the UFOs got there, but they apparently followed the player over from GTA Online, where hackers and evasive modders are far more common.

Meanwhile, replying to the post one user reveals that hackers/modders recently targeted one of their friends, but rather than invade their game with aliens, they turned the player into Mount Chiliad. Yes, the game's largest mountain.

What is happening to my game? This is story mode from r/GTAV

At the moment, it's unclear how any of this is happening or how common it is, but it's well known that GTA Online has struggled combating hackers and modders in the past, so it's not very surprising to see it struggling with this again.

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