Is GTA 6 Set in Canada?

Is Rockstar Games going to surprise Grand Theft Auto fans and bring GTA 6 to Canada? Up until this point, Grand Theft Auto has been set in the United States, taking players to fictional versions of New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and more. That said, Rockstar Games is running out of iconic American cities, which means it needs to continue to double-dip or bring the series beyond the U.S. borders.

Right now, we don't know where Grand Theft Auto VI is set, because Rockstar Games hasn't announced the title yet. However, rumors, reports, and leaks have all suggested the game will return to Vice City, the series' fictional take on Miami. However, according to all of these dubious claims, Rockstar Games isn't stopping there. Depending on what rumor, report, or leak you're reading, the game is going to take players beyond the United States. Locations that have been thrown around so far include Colombia, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Brazil. Meanwhile, some have suggested the game's map will run from Liberty City to Vice City. Alas, for now, all we can do is speculate.

That said, recently, prominent actor David Hayter -- best-known as the voice actor of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series -- tweeted out #GTAVI followed by #Toronto. For those that failed their geography classic: Toronto is a major city in Canada, located fairly close to the state of New York. As you would expect, this tweet quickly caught the attention of Grand Theft Auto fans who began to spread across the Internet word that GTA 6's setting was just leaked.

Noticing this, Hayter issued a follow-up tweet, claiming the aforementioned (and strange) tweet was nothing more than a suggestion. Of course, some Grand Theft Auto fans aren't buying it, but they should. The only way Hayter would know about the game's setting is if he's working on it. And this is possible, however, if it's the case, then there's no way he would tweet something like this, which would be a plain violation of the NDA Rockstar Games would have made him sign.

Sometimes voice actors will accidentally break NDA during an interview where it's easy to let something slip. Unfortunately, for Grand Theft Auto fans that thought they figured out the game's setting, a tweet doesn't fit this bill.

Further, Toronto doesn't make sense, unless it's going to be a secondary location of sorts. But for that to be the case, it would probably require Liberty City (New York City) to be the main location, and I can't see Rockstar Games going back to NYC quite yet.


Meanwhile, if you were going to bring the series beyond the United States, there are bigger and more iconic cities to use, like London, Tokyo, Moscow, Paris, Mexico City, or Beijing.

All of this is to say that Grand Theft Auto VI is almost certainly not set in Toronto or Canada.