Alien Gangs Have Taken Over GTA Online

The streets of Los Santos have been overrun with a series of deadly alien gang wars in GTA Online. The origins of the conflict can be traced back to a group of players, dressed in green alien suits, hunting down other players before beating them viciously with baseball bats. These encounters quickly went viral, and soon other alien groups formed to put an end to the green alien gang terror. Over the past week or so, new alien gangs have formed, creating a complicated web of different alien and non-alien gangs all fighting each other for control of the streets of Los Santos.

The biggest rival gang to the green aliens is the purple aliens, who are less likely to attack random players. Rather, they usually focus on engaging with roaming gangs of green aliens. For some, they are the peacekeepers of Los Santos, however, to others they are an equally feral gang vying for power.

While the purple and green aliens are the biggest gangs in Los Santos, they aren't the only ones. Splintering off from these groups have been other factions, such as team white, which dresses in white costumes.

You came to the wrong planet foo from r/gtaonline
You picked the wrong outfit fool! from r/GTA

Meanwhile, there are also players dressing up as FIB (the game's version of the FBI) agents looking to rid any alien they see. There's also the red monkey gang, which has united parts of the green and purple alien gangs.

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At the moment of publishing, it's unclear who will come out on top from this struggle, or when it will end. However, if there's one thing that's clear it's that this new trend looks poised to stay for a while. Not only has it taken over the game, but new groups seem to be rapidly forming.

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My crew and I were harassing people in alien suits with pool cues when another crew threw on some suits and challenged us to a classic street fight. Best online moment to date from r/gtaonline

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