GTA 5 Player Goes Viral After Uncovering Secret Feature

GTA 5 player over on TikTok has gone viral after uncovering a secret feature, or at least a glitch nobody still playing the Grand Theft Auto game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S seems to know about. Whether or not this secret is truly a new discovery, remains to be seen, but millions have viewed the video, and many have revealed they had no clue about this glitch/secret feature, which isn't very consequential, but is certainly good to know, especially if you use bikes a lot.

The clip in question [which can be viewed here] reveals a different way to customize bikes. To recreate it, you first need open up "Pedal and Metal" on the in-game phone. From here, select a bike you want to customize and then hit the home button on the URL bar before proceeding to Legendary Motorsport. At this point, select the Z-type vehicle , select the color you want, and then select Clock. Once you do all of this, head back to Pedal to Metal and buy your BMX, and you'll have said bike in whatever color you chose, which you normally can't do.

Now that this secret feature is widely known, it may very well be patched in a future update, assuming it's not the product of design, but the product of a glitch. That said, so far this hasn't happened. While Rockstar Games is quick to fix glitches involving in-game currency, it's not as quick to fix glitches that have minimal impact on its ability to generate money. In fact, there are several glitches that have been in the game for a very long time, so there's no guarantee that even if Rockstar Games does see this that its response will be to fix it, let alone fix it quickly. 


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