New GTA 6 Rumor Hints at Reveal Date and PS5 Exclusivity

A new GTA 6 rumor is making the rounds within the Grand Theft Auto community for reportedly leaking a reveal window for the game and hinting at some type of PS5 exclusivity. Rockstar Games has yet to announce Grand Theft Auto VI, but it's no secret that it's currently in development, presumably for PS5 and Xbox Series X, and possibly PC, PS4, and Xbox One as well, with the latter two platforms depending entirely on when it releases. That said, while Rockstar Games hasn't said a word about GTA 6, rumors can't stop talking about the game.

The newest rumor comes way of YouTuber Son of Atom, who claims that Rockstar Games will reveal GTA 6 next year, sometime after GTA 5 hits next-gen consoles. Meanwhile, the YouTuber also suggests this reveal will be accompanied by details about a partnership between Sony and Rockstar Games, which will presumably result in some type of exclusivity.

Now, if this is true -- emphasis on if -- the exclusivity is almost certainly going to come in the form of some exclusive content, ranging anywhere between something minor like an exclusive pack to something slightly more substantial like exclusive modes or missions. And of course, this would also include a marketing partnership.

What's not going to happen is GTA 5 being a PS5 console exclusive. Not only because it's doubtful that Sony has the absurd amount of money available to push this deal through, but because there's no way it's going to spend that kind of money if it's available. And of course, I'm not sure Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive would ever be interested in such a deal, simply because they don't need to make any deals for the game, let alone risky ones.

That said, if this is true -- again, emphasis on if -- what could be possible is a timed exclusivity period, similar to what the pair have arranged for GTA 5, which will hit PS5 before coming to Xbox Series X.


For now, take all of this with a massive grain of salt. Nothing here is official, and even if it's all correct, it's also subject to change. As for the parties implicated -- Sony, Take-Two Interactive, and Rockstar Games -- none of them have commented on this rumor, and it's unlikely any of the trio will. However, if they do, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.