GTA 6 Trailer at PlayStation Showcase Rumors Spread Following Cryptic Post

Are Rockstar Games set to finally reveal GTA 6 at tomorrow's PlayStation Showcase? Probably not, but some Grand Theft Auto fans are speculating that's exactly what's going to happen following a cryptic post from a voice actor who may be working on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S game. Again, for now, this is just speculation and nothing worth taking to the bookies, but it's not completely unfounded. 

Back in August, a voice actor by the name of Dave Jackson took to Facebook to say that he was playing "police chief Captain McClane in the new Grand Theft Auto series." At the time, it was unclear if Jackson was referring to GTA Online or GTA 6. This is still unclear. However, after deleting the post, Jackson has issued a follow-up claiming that a new trailer for this project is dropping soon.

"So I pulled down the last post for a while because I was BOMBARDED by reporters, and video game magazine editors looking for a scoop," said Jackson. "I almost couldn't believe how much attention I received just from that post. It's like; 'calm the hell down, dudes!' Sheesh! I will say this; the producers said I could spread the word, and there will be a new trailer soon! So look for that!"

In addition to it being unclear whether this is for a pre-existing GTA game or GTA 6, the post itself also raises a few red flags. For one, who at Rockstar Games would give a voice actor clearance to talk about a new trailer when there's been nothing official from Rockstar Games official communication channels? This is strange, especially considering how famous Rockstar Games is for being tight-lipped and secretive. Two, why was the initial post taken down just to post a follow-up?

For now, Grand Theft Auto fans need to tread cautiously. Even if this is all legit, there's nothing here linking the mystery trailer to the PlayStation Showcase. If Grand Theft Auto does rear its head at the Sony show, it will likely be via the "expanded and enhanced" version set to hit PS5 and Xbox Series X|S this November. As you may know, we have yet to see this version of the game and haven't heard a peep about it since its announcement at 2020's PlayStation Showcase.


At the moment of publishing, none of the implicated parties have commented on any of this. As always, we will provide an update if this changes or if any developments occur.