GTA Online Nearly Featured a Fan-Favorite GTA 4 Multiplayer Mode

Grand Theft Auto V very nearly featured a fan-favorite mode from Grand Theft Auto IV's multiplayer. GTA Online is a juggernaut and seemingly shows no signs of slowing down. Despite being nearly a decade old and having outlived Red Dead Online, a game that came out just four years ago and lost any significant kind of support very quickly, it continues to be successful. GTA Online even went standalone earlier this year and will no doubt continue to get major updates going forward, especially with the newly released current-gen versions likely giving Rockstar more runway to do bigger and better things while we wait for the next Grand Theft Auto.

However, we can probably rule out one mode from future updates: Cops n' Crooks. This was a mode featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and saw players split into two teams. One was a team of cops, the other was a group of criminals trying to accomplish a goal while the cops chased after them. It's quite literally cops and robbers and one can only imagine what this would've looked like in GTA Online as it had a much more fleshed out multiplayer mode. It was rumored that the mode was scrapped in 2020 following the death of George Floyd and the rise in protests against police in America. However, YouTuber Wildbrick142 released a video that showcased an earlier version of the mode was seemingly planned for the game at launch. It would've been more of a gang war-type mode where police and gangs had to fight for territory around Los Santos. The video highlights 41 different pieces of territory, but there may have been more planned.

This may also suggest a completely different version of GTA Online was in the works. Perhaps one where you'd pick a faction, like police or criminals, and then roleplay from there. It's generally unclear, but it certainly sounds pretty unique. Sadly, it's likely we will never see that come to fruition.

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[H/T PCGamesN]