GTA Online Update Brings Bonuses for Business Battles and Races

GTA Online’s update this week goes back to basics by unloading a ton of bonuses and incentives [...]

GTA Online's update this week goes back to basics by unloading a ton of bonuses and incentives on players for the next couple of days. While it doesn't have many frills, the update does give players plenty of ways to make money through things like Business Battles, Special Vehicle Work, and more. Some discounts on vehicles and Executive Offices will help you spend the money you just earned, and if you're a high enough rank, you'll get another free item just like you have in the past few updates.

To make the most money possible during this week's events, you'll have to take on the Target Assault Races as much as you can. Those races are giving out three times the GTA$ and RP which means you'll be able to earn quite a bit from them if you're looking to buy something on sale in a rush before the discounts end.

"The camaraderie between a good driver and gunner can be borderline telepathic: speeding through checkpoints, cutting down targets with ruthless efficiency," Rockstar Games said about this week's update. "Nowhere is their relationship on better display than in Target Assault Races, all of which are paying out tripled rewards to all comers, all week long."

Continuing the vehicular theme, Motor Wars are also giving out triple the rewards. Those events are giving out extras for the rest of the month and not just for the next week, so you won't have to worry about those bonuses going anywhere next week.

When you get tired of those activities, you can try out some Business Battles and Special Vehicle Work missions. Both of those types of events are giving out double the rewards which isn't quite as enticing but may suit you better.

The discounts available extend to Executive Offices and their customizations as well as different vehicles, but if you're at least Rank 100, you'll get a special livery for one vehicle that you won't have to pay for at all.

"As part of our continuing celebration of the most dedicated members of the community, all GTA Online players Rank 100 and above will receive a free Galaxy Livery for their Anti-Aircraft Trailer (available within 72 hours of logging in after May 24th)," Rockstar Games said. "Blow 'em out of the sky — with style."

GTA Online's newest update is live now across all platforms.