GTA Online Update Includes Triple Bonuses and Big Discounts

Grand Theft Auto Online’s weekly update dropped on Thursday with some enticing opportunities for anyone looking to get more rewards than they’d usually earn from completing missions you were probably already going to do anyway. Speedsters can earn triple the rewards in Time Trials if they’re fast enough to make the most of the races while players can hop out of their vehicles to participate in other game modes for additional bonuses. As is the case with every update, this one also gives players a new opportunity to earn a grand prize from the Diamond Casino & Resort along with discounts on a bunch of different items.

To get the maximum payouts this week, you’ll want to head to either the Power Play or Time Trials modes since they’re giving out the most bonuses compared to everything else featured in the latest update. Fore Time Trials, you can take on this week’s End to End Time Trial and Cypress Flats RC Time Trial to get more than GTA$600K if you’re fast enough thanks to the triple rewards. For Power Play, all you have to do is play and play well to get way more earnings than you’d typically get.

“Classic Adversary Mode Power Play is paying out 3X GTA$ & RP this week, offering all participants the chance to win big in a turbocharged TDM for the ages,” Rockstar Games said. “Use cutting-edge weaponry and devastating power-ups to crush the opposition across a variety of maps – including the USS Luxington and the Chiliad Missile Silo – to bring home a handsome sum for participating in the bloodbath.”

There’s also some extra stuff available this week that really doesn’t require much on players’ parts at all to earn. You can get a free Zit shirt just for logging in to play GTA Online at some point this week before the next update drops, and players get another free spin at the Diamond Casino & Resort now. The grand prize from the wheel this week is the Ocelot XA-21 vehicle, but you stand the chance of winning lots of other prizes even if you don’t win the car.

As for the discounts, there aren’t as many available this week compared to past updates. The Ocelot Locust is 40% off, the Übermacht SC1 is 40% off, the Emperor ETR1 is 30% off, and you can get all Large Special Cargo Warehouses for 50% off.