GTA Online Update Offers Triple Rewards, Here's What's New

The latest weekly update for Rockstar’s GTA Online is out now with some easy bonuses earnable by players throughout the rest of the week. Those bonuses can be earned through certain races, and if you take part in them within the timeframe, you’ll get triple the amount of rewards you’d typically get. A separate incentive to take place in certain activities will also help decide what next week’s rewards look like.

Rockstar introduced players to this week’s rewards and bonuses through a post on the game’s blog site just as it does every week for GTA Online and Red Dead Online. For players who prefer to spend much of their time racing in GTA Online, this weekly update is the one for you. You’ll get triple the rewards for completing races, but only if they’re Open Wheel races created by Rockstar.

“Speed is a vice like any other: it’s expensive, exclusive and some people die in pursuit of it; especially when we’re talking about the kind of eye-watering speed that turns a car into a screaming blur on a racetrack,” an overview of this week’s update explained. “Slide behind the wheel in any of the Rockstar Created Open Wheel Races and earn Triple GTA$ and RP all week long, including on these nine new tracks unveiled as part of the Los Santos Summer Special.”

On top of that bonus, you can earn twice the rewards from completing either VIP or MC Work and Challenges. While everyone’s free to do whichever of those they want, the one the community chooses to do more than the other will determine what next week’s rewards look like.


“Whichever activity is played more often this week will help determine next week’s in-game bonuses - if players take on more VIP Work & Challenges, then Double Rewards will be applied to all Special Cargo Sell Missions the following week,” Rockstar’s update continued. “If players indulge in more MC Work & Challenges, then all Biker Business Sell Missions will be awarded with 2X GTA$ & RP from September 3rd through September 9th.”

Rockstar’s weekly GTA Online update with the bonuses described above is now live across all platforms.