Are GTA Online and Red Dead Online Servers Down?

Are GTA Online and Red Dead Online servers down? Well, at the moment of publishing, and according [...]

Are GTA Online and Red Dead Online servers down? Well, at the moment of publishing, and according to the official Rockstar Games Support page, servers for both games are fine, however, for most of the day they haven't been. In other words, right now, everything should be fine with both of these games from the server side of things, however, moments ago the page noted that across every platform, both games weren't down, but they were "limited." What the difference between down and limited is, isn't clear, but the latter presumably means that while the servers are having issues they aren't down for everyone. That said, for the meantime Rockstar Games says all servers are "up."

The servers of the Social Club and the Rockstar Games Launcher are both healthy as well, and have been for awhile. It appears the outages and issues were only impacting GTA Online and Red Dead Online, or at least that's what the aforementioned Rockstar Games Support page indicates.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear what the issue was/is. It's possible the issues are related to the influx of players trying to play both games as they quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. That said, we will update this post as more information flows in from official channels. However, for now, the official Twitter account for Rockstar Games Support has not tweeted about the issue in any capacity.

GTA Online and Red Dead Online are both available via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, the latter is also available on Google Stadia, Google's new streaming platform it launched late last year.

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