Guillermo del Toro Wants To Know About Death Stranding Just As Much As You Do


Death Stranding is a game shrouded in mystery – and that’s just the way creator/director Hideo Kojima wants it. The man behind the Metal Gear Solid hasn’t said too much about his forthcoming PlayStation 4 announcement, aside from reveal trailers that have included Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus and director Guillermo del Toro.

And just how secretive is the project? Even the stars know very little about it. During a recent Reddit AMA for his upcoming movie The Shape of Water, a fan asked del Toro to tell them more about Death Stranding. Oddly enough, the famed director really didn’t have much to say.

“Kojima San scanned my body and face for the model over an entire day in Toronto. He needed it for the digital Avatar (and for blackmail, perhaps) and he then sent me the teaser you all saw. That’s it- He sent me toys and gifts every few weeks but NO clues. I am dying to know.”

So, yeah. There is the possibility that del Toro could be staying quiet on purpose to avoid spoiling the game, which would be a wise choice. But it sounds like he’s as excited about the project as we are, despite actually being involved with it.

Reedus nor Mikkelsen had much to say about it either, so it sounds like Kojima is playing it safe when it comes to harboring its many secrets. We kind of like it that way, as it allows us to be surprise when the game finally arrives and takes us by storm.

Now, there is the possibility that we could see more gameplay from the forthcoming project this weekend, as Reedus, del Toro and Kojima will be in attendance at The Game Awards this Thursday night, where a new reveal is expected. There’s also PlayStation Experience, where there’s a slight possibility that Sony could have a new reveal there as well.


Whatever the case, Death Stranding is moving right along in development, and we’re bound to find out what it’s all about sooner rather than later. So, yeah, like del Toro, we’re patiently waiting.

You can see The Shape of Water in theaters this weekend, and Death Stranding, which doesn’t have a release date, will release on PlayStation 4.