Hackers Get GameCube and Nintendo 64 Games Working On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo GameCube

So a while back, we talked about the strengthened security measures Nintendo has in place for its Switch console that keeps hackers from having a field day with stolen games and other modifications. But that isn't stopping a few from finding other ways to get programs to work on it.

While some players managed to hack Super Mario Odyssey with porn images, Nintendo has been stagnant in stopping such efforts from happening. However, a hacker by the name of Mizumi has recently taken to Twitter to show off his latest hacks for the system, which apparently shows the hardware smoothly running both GameCube and Nintendo 64 games on the platform.

First off, he shows off Pokemon Snap in a quick 20-or-so second video, indicating that it works very well. He even managed to get the game working properly with the JoyCon setup, with aiming and shooting working like a breeze. You can see that video below.

But then he decides to let a real monster run wild on the system and shows off the emulator running Super Smash Bros. Melee on it. And to be honest, while it looks okay, it runs a bit slower with its gameplay footage, not nearly up to the speed that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate runs. But it's probably still a work in progress.

Other systems have been emulated to the Switch by other hackers as well, including more complex stuff like classic Virtual Boy games, which aren't really built for play outside the discontinued 3D headset. Here's a quick video of an Ace Attorney game running on the Switch with no problem.


Nintendo hasn't addressed these emulators directly but it will more than likely introduce an update to take care of them, in case any of the players try to get online with them. It does update the system regularly...so if you hacked your system, you'd best keep on the lookout.

Now if we could just get official GameCube games on the Switch. Sigh.