This 'Half-Life 2' Mod Completely Overhauls the Game's Combat

We here at ComicBook are huge fans of passionate fan projects. From mods, to cosplay, to basically any way to show off that ambitious love for some of the most beloved franchises out there - we are here for it! Chances are you've seen us cover some of the incredible fan projects out there such as Half-Life and Fallout, but just because they are popular doesn't mean they are easy. Some of these projects can take up to a decade, like this Half-Life 2 combat rework mod.

This mod, called MMod, has been almost a decade in the making and it's now finally available to play for PC fans of the iconic Valve franchise. Though we probably won't see a Half-Life 3 anytime soon, this mod completely changes the way the game feels - almost making it an entirely new title in the process.

The modder couldn't wait to share the good news, starting off the new year right by finally releasing a project that has been a long-time coming. "In this jolly holiday season, I'm happy to bring Half-Life 2 : MMod under your Christmas tree," they began in their most recent announcement post. "It's been a long road for me, from HL2EP2Enhased (sic) with basic particle replacements and FPSBanana skins to a fully fledged mod with its own huge, original ( for the most part ) feature set, loads of brand new content and remastered gunplay mechanics. This incarnation of MMod is my true vision I had from the start, but never could realize before, until now."

As for the mod itself, the creator mentioned that they "hardened" the AI and also alloted the Combine with new prompts to complete, including grenade launchers.

Both audio and visual overhauls have been implemented, making the game far more polished than its initial release. The community over at Moddb have nothing but phenomenal things to say about this project and now you can check it out for yourself right here!


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