Half-Life 3 Rumored to Be in Development Once Again

Half-Life 3 is rumored to be in the works once again at Valve Corporation. While this is a claim that has been made dozens of times over the better part of the past 15 years, following the release of Half-Life: Alyx early in 2020, many fans found renewed hope that Half-Life 3 could one day end up coming about. And while it remains to be seen if the game will ever really see the light of day, one well-regarded Valve insider has now made clear that the project is being worked on in some capacity. 

In a recent video from one Tyler McVicker, who is an often-accurate insider when it comes to all things Valve, it was said that Half-Life 3 is currently being developed within Valve. "There is a very minor group working on Half-Life 3, at the time of this recording," McVicker said in a footnote comment during his aforementioned video. And while this news at face value might be enough to get fans extremely excited, McVicker cautions against this. 

Explaining more about this project as a whole, McVicker said that the size of the team that is supposedly working on Half-Life 3 is extremely small. Valve as a company is supposedly much more focused on projects such as the Steam Deck at this point in time, meaning that essentially no resources are being put into a development team for Half-Life 3. In fact, McVicker also says that the studio members who are working on this game will likely not be seen as "value-generating" employees, meaning that the higher-ups at the company could squash the project in due time. 

It has been well-documented in the past that Valve is structured in such a way that it gives its employees the creative freedom to work on whatever they think would be beneficial. As such, development on Half-Life 3 is said to have been started internally multiple times over the years before later fading out for one reason or another. Whether or not this new effort to develop Half-Life 3 will also come to an end in due time remains to be seen, but it sounds like we shouldn't get our hopes up just yet. 

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