343 Industries Partners Up for a Halo-Themed "Biotic Arm" Prosthetic for Children In Need

Today's Feel Good story of the day reveals a new partnership between 343 Industries and [...]

Today's Feel Good story of the day reveals a new partnership between 343 Industries and "Limbitless" Solutions for a fully-functional 3D printed Halo-themed prosthetic limb for children "who – like the Master Chief himself – also routinely and triumphantly beat the odds."

The Halo studio took to the game's official blog to share the good news and how it falls in line with their mission statement to inspire. "One of our core missions here at the studio is to 'inspire heroes and deliver wonder.' Normally, this is most often and understandably applied to the nature of making games," reads the most recent post. "Indeed, creating new worlds to explore, new mysteries to solve, and heroes through which to experience it all is always an amazing and rewarding endeavor. There are, however, times where opportunities to inspire heroes and deliver wonder present themselves outside the scope of game code, cutscene scripts, or sandbox balancing."


The new collaboration aims to help children realize that a loss of a limb doesn't mean the end and that the sky is the limit for what they can accomplish. Pair that with an arm that carries the spirit of the hero Master Chief himself, and it's hard not to get those feel-good vibes from this latest project.

This is also the same team that brought an Iron Man-inspired prosthetic to life, all in the name of children looking for a second chance. Limbitless Solutions is also a non-profit organization that is a huge force in the medical community. They make affordable options for children regarding prosthetics, using protoyping technology to give kids the care they need with a style they will feel inspired by.

The Halo-inspired limb is fully functional, cost-effective, and donated to families in need absolutely free of charge. The company's mission is "devoted to building a generation of innovators who use their skills and passion to improve the world around them" as they continue to inspire children with unique needs.

To learn even more about the Halo-inspired limb and others that this company offers, you can check out their official website right here.