Halo Infinite Confirms Two Fan-Favorite Multiplayer Features

In a new video, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the game will offer [...]

In a new video, Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has confirmed that the game will offer players both cross-play and cross-progression when it debuts later this year. The move should be a welcome one for most fans, as it will give them a greater pool of people to play with, while also allowing them more freedom in how they play. It's clear that Halo Infinite is the biggest Xbox game slated to release this holiday season, and Microsoft is clearly pulling out all the stops to make sure it ends up being everything that Halo fans have been waiting for!

343 Industries discussed these features in a segment on Halo Infinite's free-to-play aspect, which can be found around the nine-minute mark in the video found at the top of this page. While the game's campaign will be paid content, multiplayer in Halo Infinite will be free-to-play, which should also help to increase the pool of people playing. According to the developer, the goal is to get "the biggest audience" the series has ever had.

Both cross-play and cross-progression should help in this endeavor. Cross-play will make it much less likely that players will have difficulty finding opponents, while cross-progression will make it much easier for players to enjoy the game with their same account on multiple platforms. Given the fact that Halo Infinite will be available on PC and on multiple Xbox consoles, it's not hard to imagine some fans taking great advantage of the feature.

It remains to be seen whether or not Halo Infinite will be able to live up to the hype surrounding the game, but it's interesting to see the ways that Microsoft and 343 Industries are changing things in order to make the game more accessible and enjoyable for players. With Halo Infinite releasing sometime during holiday 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, fans won't have to wait much longer to see how the game stacks up for themselves! In the meantime, you can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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