Halo Infinite Player Warns Fans of Major Problem

Poor Halo Infinite can't seem to catch a break as a rather significant problem is now reportedly plaguing those who enjoy the game's multiplayer. Halo Infinite's multiplayer received a lot of praise at launch because it came out several weeks ahead of schedule and it's free for everyone, even if they don't have an Xbox Game Pass subscription. It's incredibly accessible, it's really fun, and it's extremely innovative for the FPS genre. With that said, that hasn't stopped it from having a ton of issues. Many players have criticized the roll out of new content, namely pointing out how slow it is, and ridiculed how progression works in the game as it was and still is linked to a challenge system that makes unlocking items feel slow and sometimes not very fun.

The latest issue impacts players in a major way, potentially even after they've logged off of the game. Halo Infinite player NicmeistaR stated on Twitter that after just two matches of Halo Infinite, the network will pull use over 1GB of data. In simple terms, this can really hurt those with data caps as it can result in network speeds being slowed down by the ISP, additional charges on the bill, or even having the internet shut off completely. The Twitter user went on to say that one of the problems is that the game downloads the image for the battle pass 2,000 times when you return to the main menu of Halo Infinite for some unknown reason. The initial claim was backed up by Reddit user wowisthatreal who echoed similar findings. The user also noted that this should be an easy problem for 343 Industries to fix.

Infinite downloads the Season 2 Banner image about 1000-2000 times, which amounts to around 1-1.5GBs of Data being wasted. Downloads stop while you're in a match, but after you quit into the menu it starts downloading again. This should be an easily-fixable issue on 343's side. from halo

With that said, it's just another issue for Halo Infinite, a game that simply can't avoid controversy at this point. It's almost a running joke and many fans of the game have resorted to poking fun at it at this point. If you have a limited data plan, it's probably best to limit your time on Halo Infinite until this issue is hopefully resolved.

Have you noticed any issues with your internet while playing Halo Infinite? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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