Xbox Fans Get Goods News, Then Bad News, Then More Good News About Halo Infinite

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC gamers got good news about Halo Infinite this week. Then they got bad news, which undermined the good news they just got. But then they got more good news that tipped the scale towards hype, away from disappointment and skepticism. It all started when Microsoft confirmed that Halo Infinite is still on schedule to release this holiday season alongside the Xbox Series X, which is very welcomed news during a time where games are being delayed right and left due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, this good news was quickly drowned out by a new rumor alleging the game has been having development issues, something rumors, reports, and studio departures have hinted at in the past. A verified insider over on Reset Era noted that 343 Industries has struggled with the new installment in the long-running, popular, but less relevant than ever sci-fi shooter series. According to the source, these development woes caused the game to be rebooted in 2018 based on feedback. However, apparently the game is in a good place now.

This worrying rumor was quickly forgotten about though when Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg took to Twitter to tease that 343 Industries is cooking with some serious heat right now.

"[343 Industries] are working incredibly hard for their fans, trust me," writes Greenberg on Twitter. "Just give us a little patience as everyone is working from home right now and dealing with a lot so everything is harder. But the team is cooking up some [fire emoji].


Of course, Greenberg, who's in charge of marketing over at Xbox, is obviously very biased. His job is to sell Halo Infinite. However, this comes across less as hype-inducing marketing speak and more like genuine excitement, which is why it has fans of Master Chief excited as well.

Halo Infinite is poised to release this holiday season via the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. For more news, rumors, leaks, and all other types of coverage on the game, click here.