Halo Infinite Leak Reportedly Reveals Two Spin-Off Games

A new Halo Infinite leak claims that Microsoft has two spin-off games in development. The leak doesn't mention platforms, but presumably said games are in development for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC, with Xbox One versions possibly on the table as well. The leak comes way of popular gaming leaks and rumors aggregate Twitter page, Gaming Leaks & Rumors, but rather than coming from a third-party source, it comes directly from the Twitter page itself.

According to the report, the first of these two spin-off games is a third installment in the Halo Wars series, which apparently is the resurrection of a game once canceled. According to Gaming Leaks & Rumors, the game was originally in development as a "space RTS" before getting canned. Now it's back, but as a "traditional RTS."

Adding to this, the report claims the story "follows Atriox leaving Ark from his perspective and continues the battle of the Spirit of Fire to show this timeline where it ties to Halo: Infinite."

The second of these two spin-off games will be "included under Infinite's platform" and will follow Fireteam Osiris during the events of Infinite.

Unfortunately, this is where the details end. While the report divulges a little bit of story information, it makes no mention of platforms, release windows, or who's making each game.

That said, everything that is here should be taken with a large grain of salt given that the source doesn't have a history of reliability to bolster these claims. However, for what's worth, this isn't the first time a rumor or report has claimed there are Halo spin-offs in development.


While the reception to Halo Infinite so far has been pretty poor, the sci-fi shooter series remains Microsoft's biggest franchise, though this will change when the Bethesda acquisition deal goes through and Microsoft adds Fallout and The Elder Scrolls to its lineup. This is to say, while it may seem risky to greenlight multiple Halo games with a giant question mark hovering over Halo Infinite, it's not very surprising.

At the moment of publishing, neither Xbox nor 343 industries have commented on this latest rumor, and it's unlikely either will as both have a pretty strict "no comment" policy when it comes to rumors, reports, and leaks of this variety. However, if either does, we will be sure to update the story with whatever is provided.