Halo Infinite Adds Long Overdue Multiplayer Feature

Halo Infinite has added a fairly big feature to multiplayer that Halo fans on Xbox and PC have [...]

Halo Infinite has added a fairly big feature to multiplayer that Halo fans on Xbox and PC have been asking for: bots. Speaking about the multiplayer of the upcoming Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC game, developer 343 Industries acknowledged that the series multiplayer arena can be a "daunting experience," especially for brand new players. To curve this, 343 Industries is aiming to make this the most approachable and welcoming installment yet, which is why it's created the Academy.

"To help ensure all Spartans meet the UNSC's high bar and have the skills necessary to succeed on the battlefield, we're excited to introduce the all-new Academy," said 343 Industries. "Under the mentorship of Spartan Commander Laurette, the Academy offers players the opportunity to hone their skills and get better acclimated with the armaments and environments of Halo Infinite."

343 Industries continues:

"Recruits will be able to dial-in their marksmanship skills at the target range or jump right into customizable training skirmishes and square off against AI-controlled bots. Training Mode lets you configure specific loadouts, deploy opponent bots of various skill levels, and practice on your own terms. Bots can also be configured in Custom Games to tailor the experience and even in fill-in roster spots for MIA fireteam members."

While there's a ton of options to practice against bots and make use of them in custom games, it sounds like they will not be in proper multiplayer. In some games, like Chivalry 2, bots are used to ensure each team has an equal amount of players in the case of players leaving during matches. It sounds like this will not be the case with Halo Infinite, though perhaps as the game gets older and the player base shrinks this will change.

As you may know, Halo Infinite isn't the first Xbox multiplayer game to make use of bots. Gears of War has been for years, giving players a multiplayer-like experience whilst playing offline.

Halo Infinite is set to release sometime this holiday season via the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. For more coverage on the upcoming sci-fi first-person shooter, click here.

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