Halo: The Master Chief Collection Receives New 20th Anniversary Update

To coincide with the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Halo series, 343 Industries has now pushed out a substantial new update in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. As a whole, 343 says that The Master Chief Collection has become the franchise's "living legacy" as it collects nearly every installment in the long-running saga. Because of this, a number of new goodies have now been added to the game for players to collect as a way of celebrating Halo's birthday. 

When it comes to what has specifically been added to Halo: The Master Chief Collection in this new update, 343 has pushed out a number of new pieces of gear and other various items. For starters, a new "Orion" armor set has been added to Halo 2: Anniversary. This skin is one that resembles the original armor that was shown in the first trailer for Halo that debuted all the way back in 1999. In addition, a number of other weapon skins that resemble the color scheme of the original Xbox have also now been added to MCC

Lastly, and perhaps most fun, Halo: The Master Chief Collection has also received a few new nameplates that players can now use. Most of these nameplates are callbacks to popular Halo iconography that has appeared over the years, but there are some sillier additions as well. For instance, the iconic Clippy character from Microsoft Windows has now made his way into MCC, which is something I definitely never expected to write.

While these celebratory new items have started to come to Halo: The Master Chief Collection this week, 343 Industries is planning to keep the new gear coming for the foreseeable future. Notably, new items of some sort will be rolling out every week from now until early January. If you'd like to get a better look at every new piece of gear that you can obtain in the coming weeks, you can check out the full list of additions on the Halo website right here.

How do you feel about all of these new additions to Halo: MCC as part of this new update? Are you planning to dive back into the game to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Halo for yourself? Let me know either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.