Halsey Shares Overwatch D.Va Cosplay

The fun thing about cosplay is that just about anyone can get in on it. As long as the person doing it has a passion for the character or design, anyone can pull it off, and have fun doing so. The singer/songwriter Halsey decided to get in on the action with her take on Overwatch's D.Va, on Twitter. So far, the take seems to have gotten a fairly strong reception, both from Halsey fans, and from fans of Blizzard Entertainment's first-person shooter. Halsey's post has inspired some fun reactions from the professional Overwatch League's social media accounts, as teams debated which Halsey might prefer. It even inspired professional OWL player McGravy to post his own D.Va cosplay!

It's not surprising to see Halsey cosplaying D.Va. After all, Halsey has frequently discussed her passion for gaming and anime, and has shared a number of different cosplay pictures on her social media channels. D.Va has also proven to be one of the most beloved Heroes from Overwatch since the game debuted back in 2016. The character's design and back story immediately made her a fan favorite among cosplayers and those who just happen to enjoy Overwatch.

In the Overwatch lore, D.Va is a former professional gamer recruited by the South Korean government as a mech pilot during the Omnic uprising. D.Va even took things a step further, streaming her battles with the Omnic forces online, using her heroic acts to continue building up her followers. The character has made additional appearances in Blizzard games, including Heroes of the Storm and Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void. In the latter game, D.Va's background as a professional gamer comes into play, as she takes on a role as a guest announcer.

It's pretty interesting to see someone of Halsey's fame cosplaying as D.Va. It certainly shows just how much Overwatch's popularity has grown over the last few years. As gaming continues to gain mainstream acceptance, cosplays such as these certainly help show just how far-reaching the video game industry has become.

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