AAA Harry Potter Game Reportedly Still in Development

A Harry Potter game leaked years ago with hardly any additional details shared about it since [...]

A Harry Potter game leaked years ago with hardly any additional details shared about it since then, but it's at least still reportedly in development. Jason Schreier from Bloomberg News, formerly from Kotaku, indicated as much by tweeting about it in response to "many people who keep asking" about the rumored Harry Potter game. This game still hasn't been officially announced by any studio despite any leaks that attempted to spoil the reveal, so there's no telling when it'll actually be confirmed, let alone released. It's expected to be an RPG, but that detail and nearly everything about the game has been relegated to just rumors until something official is shared.

Schreier tweeted about the leaked game this week and said it was "still happening." Despite what people hoping to hear more about it would hope for seeing how we're right in the middle of the summer's peak of gaming announcements and events, there's still no idea as to when this game will actually be announced.

To those unaware of the rumored game's existence, talks of a Harry Potter RPG first surfaced online nearly two years ago and generated discussions about some sort of Harry Potter game. The game showed characters and creatures that fill the world of Harry Potter and showed the player-controlled character using several spells which looked like they could be mapped to different inputs.

A rumor following that one suggested the game was indeed an RPG and would be called Harry Potter: Magic Awakened, but it turns out that game title was actually reserved for a mobile game created by NetEase. The rumor about the game's name suggested there were more Harry Potter games on the way, however, which meant there was still hope for the Harry Potter RPG. The leaked video supposedly revealing gameplay from the game also showed an Xbox control scheme assigned to the spells which suggested this was not the mobile game announced in 2019.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was also released, but it again wasn't the game in the video. It's unknown which developer is working with Warner Bros. to create this supposed Harry Potter RPG despite people's attempts to figure that out.

In related news to Harry Potter projects, AT&T is reportedly looking to sell off the Warner Bros. gaming division which would include properties like Batman and Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, was recently criticized for anti-trans comments shared on social media.