Hasbro Brings Popular Arschmallows Marshmallow Butt Party Card Game To The U.S.

Germany's favorite game about marshmallow butts is now available in the States.

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Looking for a fun new party game to try? How about Germany's favorite card game about marshmallow butts? That's right, Hasbro heard that the Arschmallows marshmallow butt game was sweeping Germany and knew, rightfully so, that Americans needed to have it. However, the game is about more than sweet cheeks roasting over a campfire. There's some strategy involved. From the description: 

"Each player starts with 6 facedown cards. They can quickly peek at 2, but the rest are a mystery. Throughout the round, players try to find out what point value is hidden among their cards, as they strategize to get cards with the lowest points. The lower your points, the sweeter the score! Use Action cards to sabotage friends, take a peek at facedown cards or gain extra turns. Win the round by having the lowest total value and win the game by having the lowest value at the end of 6 rounds!"

The Arschmallows card game includes 65 cards with amusing marshmallow illustrations, each with a Roast Rating. The higher the rating, the toastier the mallow. It seems like a fun, quick-to-learn option for game nights, though it might be best played around a campfire while making s'mores. The game will only set you back $10 here on Amazon, so it's worth a try at the very least. 


While you're at it you might want to pick up Mattel's super popular UNO Show 'Em No Mercy edition card game. With 56 more cards, insane new rules, and vastly tougher penalties, it might be the most sadistic tabletop game on the market today. 

As noted, UNO Show 'em No Mercy includes 56 more cards and updated action cards like Wild Draw 6 and even Wild Draw 10, and a Skip Everyone card that allows a player to immediately take another turn. There's also an official stacking rule that allows players to "pass the penalty (Draw +2, +4, +6, +10) to the next player until whoever can't play has to take all the cards combined". 

Starting to get the picture? We're not done. How about automatically swapping hands with another player when a "7" or a "0" card is played? Oh, and despite being called "No Mercy" there's actually a Mercy Rule that automatically kicks in whenever a player gets a whopping 25 or more cards in their hand. Those players will be kicked out of the game, making it possible to win by knocking other players out in addition to getting rid of your own cards.  UNO Show 'Em No Mercy is currently  in stock here on Amazon and here at Walmart for $10.