Haven Is A New Romantic RPG From The Makers of Furi

Back in 2016, French developer The Game Bakers released Furi, a stylized action game meets bullet hell meets boss rush that is one of the hidden gems of this entire generation. It's really good, and available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You should play it if you haven't. That said, The Game Bakers now have a new game called Haven, a romantic RPG coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime next year. And this week, the independent developer revealed the game's first ever gameplay trailer, and surprise, surprise, it looks great.

According to The Game Bakers, Haven is an accessible RPG that can be played by yourself or via two-player local co-op. In it, you play as Yu and Kay, two characters in love trying to stay together in a mysterious world.

"Haven is a very accessible RPG, a relaxing game. It's purposefully a very different experience from Furi." said creative director Emeric Thoa while speaking about the game. "But as with Furi, we tried to make a game that you have never experienced before. The story of a couple fighting for their freedom, an established relationship: what love looks like when you've moved past the early seduction phase, when you can be your true self with one another… I don't think that's been done much in video games."

While the game is pitched as a "story-rich" adventure featuring "touching characters," it also features and "innovative" combat system that lets you play as the two characters at the same time, which in turns allows you to chain actions together. According to Thoa, it's kinda like the lovechild of Persona and Journey.

And like Furi, it sounds like Haven will have a stellar soundtrack. This time the responsibility has fallen onto the lap of Danger, who is making an original electro soundtrack for the game.


At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of an exact release date beyond "2020." Further, there's been no word of a price point or any additional ports. That said, hopefully we see and hear more about the game before the end of the year.