Hideo Kojima Horror Game's Name, Details Addressed in New Rumor

A new rumor about Hideo Kojima's next project surfaced this week which claimed to offer a name for the game as well as details about its genre and at least one confirmed star. The game is supposed to be a horror title, a project that's long been referenced in rumors and speculations about what Kojima might be working on next, and it's apparently going to be called "Overdose." Release platforms are still uncertain based on what was provided in the rumor, and neither Kojima Productions nor Kojima himself have announced anything official at this time.

This latest rumor attempting to pin down what Kojima has in store for people comes from Tom Henderson via Try Hard Guides. After putting forth the supposed name of the game, Henderson said some footage sent to him showed actress Margaret Qualley playing a character who looked like "Mama from Death Stranding wearing a blue dress." This game is not, however, supposed to be Death Stranding 2 and simply features the same actress.

That's as far as the details in this new rumor go, however, since nobody knows still what platforms the game will be coming to. Past rumors and reports have suggested that Kojima has been working with Xbox on a game for that platform while others have said the opposite by suggesting he's working on a PlayStation 5 title. Kojima denied rumors that Kojima Productions had been acquired by Sony in the past, so with the studio remaining independent still, it could very well be that both platform-based rumors have some merit to them.

While Kojima Productions is not listed within the current lineup of Summer Game Fest attendees, Kojima is a frequent guest during Geoff Keighley's events with the two apparently attending a Zoom call together not long ago, so it could be that we hear more about Kojima's next projects sooner rather than later.

Though this game isn't said to be Death Stranding 2, that sequel is apparently in the works, too. Norman Reedus himself suggested as much in a recent interview wherein he said that the "second one" was in the works. Kojima of course did not confirm that news but instead playfully responded to the possible leak.