Hideo Kojima Denies PlayStation Acquisition Rumors

Hideo Kojima has denied that his studio is being acquired by PlayStation after intense speculation. Hideo Kojima has been working closely with PlayStation since the end of 2015. The platform holder has had his back following his departure from Konami and funded his first project, Death Stranding. Although he has worked with them closely, he is still an independent developer and Kojima Productions has no further ties to Sony. Rumors suggest Hideo Kojima is working on an Xbox exclusive horror game that will be powered by new cloud technology. Despite all of this fans began to believe that there may be something much bigger happening at the studio. 

Earlier this week, PlayStation updated its PlayStation Studios banner image to feature Death Stranding. Although it's a PlayStation exclusive, many raised their eyebrow at it as every other game on there was from a PlayStation-owned studio. This led many to believe this image was made as a precursor to a larger announcement. Now, Hideo Kojima has shared the image with the PlayStation Studios logo on the tweet. After seeing the reaction from fans, Kojima clarified in a follow-up tweet saying "It sounds misleading, but Kojipro has been and will continue to be an independent production studio."

It has been heavily rumored that a big PlayStation acquisition is coming soon, but no one knows when or who it is for. To add more fuel to the fire for fan theories, Hideo Kojima is moving to a new office. On its own, that probably seems like nothing, but the timing of it all has been enough to send Kojima fans spiraling. At the moment, Hideo Kojima has not announced any specific games, but is believed to be working on two different games. Some are hoping that one will be Death Stranding 2, but nothing has been confirmed. It's expected that Hideo Kojima will reveal his next game at The Game Awards at the end of the year.

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