In the New Age Of Xbox, A Look Back At One Of Microsoft's Weirdest Ads Ever

xbox ad

A common theme amidst platform advertisements through recent years is a focus on sleek technology and high quality precision, but it definitely hasn't always been the case. All gaming platforms have had their fair share of advertising misteps and just overall odd choices, but when reflecting back on how 2017 treated Xbox we felt this particular brand of throwback was not just hilarious, but damn near necessary.

Back when video game ads were a true art form, this one takes the cake and shows how "true" gamers are born. And then shot out across the sky. Because science:

It seems the video is making its rounds across the internet once more and their are two primary reactions:

  1. What the hell is this?!
  2. Ah, the glory days.

This by all means is not even close to the oddest and weirdly creative ads out there. There are of course other hilarious/weird contributions to ad(d), these are some of the top picks:

Art ... simply, art. Or artfully failed, whichever. Regardless, times have definitely changed through the years and these few picks of advertisements of days passed just goes to show just how weird the gaming community can actually be.