Hitman 2 Trailer Teaches You To Be a Better Assassin With New Features

IO interactive is going all out to assure that Agent 47's latest endeavor, Hitman 2, is his most in-depth yet. And you can see how in the latest trailer, as you not only get an idea of what it takes to be a successful hitman, but also get introduced to a couple of new features that will assist you in offing your next target.

The first feature is the mini-map. With this, you get the entire layout of the level tucked away in the corner of the screen, with your target highlighted at all times. That enables you to get a good look around so you can figure out the best way to take them out, whether it's by utilizing some form of accident, or going with the direct approach with one of your weapons of choice.

But the map will also highlight potential threats, including those that have figured out who you are through your disguise, as well as potential security agents that pursue after you. This will allow you to plan ahead for your next move, so you can remain undiscovered and continue to carry out your mission as planned.

If that's not enough, Hitman 2 will also introduce a new picture-in-picture. This will show you certain scenarios that happen in real-time without getting in the way of the action that's happening around you.

For instance, if you don't properly hide a body (you sloppy hitman, you), then someone may discover it and become alerted to your presence. This will teach you the next time around to be more careful and properly dispose of bodies in nearby dumpsters and other hiding places. Just one more step to take when it comes to becoming the perfect assassin.


These features should enhance gameplay quite a bit, though it's still entirely up to you how you take your targets out. You could arrange a nice little accident, or you could shoot up the place and dispatch any thugs that come after you as you attempt to make your getaway. The choice is yours -- but you're Agent 47, remember. Neatness has to account for something when it comes to your reputation.

You'll be able to put yout assassination skills to the test when Hitman 2 arrives on November 13 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.