Hitman 3 March Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

Hitman 3's March update is now live, and players can expect to see a lot of changes from version [...]

Hitman 3's March update is now live, and players can expect to see a lot of changes from version 3.20. As far as updates go, this is a very substantial one, giving current players new paid content, and newcomers the chance to give the game a try at no cost. There's even a seasonally appropriate egg hunt event! Of course, there are also a plethora of fixes that should make the game run smoother on all platforms. To give players a rundown of everything that's new, developer IO Interactive has released full patch notes for the update, which can be found below.


Seven Deadly Sins Act 1: Greed

The Seven Deadly Sins are arriving in HITMAN 3 as a new 7-part premium expansion. Act 1: Greed will be available to purchase on March 30 and invites players to Dubai to indulge in a new 3-stage Escalation: The Greed Enumeration and unlock sin-themed rewards… How greedy are you feeling?

Complete an objective, collect the coins (that rightly belong to you) and feed the frog to reap your rewards. These rewards will help you to complete additional objectives that are only revealed once you have completed the previous ones; should you exit the level now, or get greedy and hunt for more coins?

All of the coins that you collect in a given stage will carry over to the next stage of the Escalation, giving you the opportunity to feed the frog and earn more useful rewards.

Indulging in The Greed Enumeration will reward players with three permanent unlocks; the Rapacious Suit, Greedy Little Coin and The Devil's Cane, which can all be used across the World of Assassination. Using The Devil's Cane as a melee weapon in other contracts will cause it to generate a Greedy Little Coin, to remind you of your greed.

The Seven Deadly Sins Collection and Act 1: Greed will be available on digital stores at 1 pm UTC. For more details, check out our Seven Deadly Sins announcement post.

Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg Hunt

Follow the white rabbit… The first seasonal event for all HITMAN 3 owners sees Agent 47 heading to Berlin, which has been transformed for the Berlin Egg Hunt. This exclusive Club Hölle event has a strict dress code and is at capacity when you arrive, so your knowledge of the club's exterior will be crucial.

The Berlin Egg Hunt will be playable from March 30 – April 12 and brings a seasonal twist to the Berlin location with new decorations and graffiti and new gameplay items (eggs!) to collect and use. Each stage of this seasonal Escalation will introduce new complications and targets for you to hunt down. Participate in the event and you'll unlock the Raver Outfit to show off your love for techno.

April Roadmap Season of Greed

The Seven Deadly Sins is our new focus for content releases, so we're changing the naming of our roadmaps. It's just the naming that's changing roadmap-wise and HITMAN 3 owners can still look forward to content being added to the game at no additional cost. All of that means that instead of the April Roadmap, we're kicking off the Season of Greed, which will run until May 10th when HITMAN 3's next Season of Sin will start.

We're planning to reveal the full content preview (including a trailer!) for our Season of Greed in the first full week of April. Lookout for that! Get more details about how we the Seasons of Sins work in our Seven Deadly Sins announcement post.

HITMAN 3 Elusive Target

The countdown for the first HITMAN 3 Elusive Target starts with the release of the March Patch. You'll see a ticking clock in the menu counting down to April 9th, when The Collector will arrive in Dartmoor for 10 days.

HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack

Download the HITMAN 3 Free Starter Pack now and play Dubai for FREE from March 30 – April 5!

Experience the start of the World of Assassination trilogy and begin your journey to become the world's ultimate assassin. Read more on our Free Starter Pack Announcement Post.


Stability Improvements

We've resolved several issues that could cause the game to crash or, in rare cases, cause endless loading.


The Requiem Pack is back, and included in the H1 GOTY Access Pass. Any HITMAN 3 owners who have installed the H1 GOTY Access Pass will also have access to the three items included in the Requiem Pack.


We've resolved several issues that could prevent players from unlocking the following trophies; Shortcut Killer, Dune Rider (Dubai), Full House (Dartmoor), Rich Harvest (Mendoza), Future Shock (Chongqing), Pure Poetry (Hantu Port).

Additionally, fixes for the following challenges that are required to unlock some trophies/achievements have also been implemented: Discover Dubai, Discover Mendoza.

Players that have been affected should unlock the relevant trophies/achievements when they launch the game after installing the 3.20 patch. We know some players are also having ussues with other trophies/achievements. We're tracking and working on updates for those.

Achievement Framerate Unlocked

Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X users can now toggle between a locked/ 30fps or unlocked framerate. Locked is the default option. In testing, we've hit a very consistent 60 fps on Xbox One X across all three games in the trilogy, with only occasional dips.

Trinity Guns

We've resolved an issue where a white, floating attachment could be seen on the weapons in the Trinity Pack (pre-order bonus)


We've resolved an issue that could cause players to see erratic leaderboard positions after completing a mission. In some cases, this would show players that they performed worse than the entire leaderboard, i.e 501/500.

Default Disguise

We've resolved an issue that could cause 47 to start in a suit, even when a starting location with a forced disguise was selected. This could cause him to be immediately suspicious in some circumstances.

Silenced Guns

We've resolved an issue that could cause the sound effects of the Bartoli 12G and the Shashka A33 to not play when they are fired by NPC's.


We've resolved an issue where the 'Piercing' perk was not properly displayed on the ICA Bartoli Woodsman Hunting Rifle Covert.

Interaction Font Size

We've added more options for the size of interaction prompts, allowing players to choose from font size 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35. Choosing a larger font size may cause text to overlap in crowded instances, where multiple prompts are on the screen.

Visual Fidelity

We've resolved several issues across multiple locations that could cause textures to 'disappear' at certain angles, where items would appear to be 'floating' or where positioning the camera in a certain position could cause Agent 47 to disappear.

Silenced Weapons

We've ironed out a few inconsistencies with several silenced weapons. The HKW21 Pale Homemade Silencer, ICA DTI Stealth, ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert, DAK Gold Covert and DAK Black Covert were all missing the 'suppressor' tag in their inventory description. Also, the ICA Tactical Shotgun Covert was not being treated as a silenced weapon by NPCs. That's changed as well now.

Holster Audio

We've resolved an issue that was preventing the 'holster' sound effect from triggering.

Normal vs Medium

We've adjusted the text on some of our 'graphics settings' descriptions so that they're consistent between the game and the launcher. Medium is the new normal.

Version ID

We've added an extra line to the settings menu to also display the current version ID of the game. This will help us when troubleshooting issues in development and with players.

Where It's Due, 3.20

We have updated the HITMAN 3 credits to reflect the work that has been done since we submitted the game for release. We also correct a few errors and included new members of the team.


Drop The Body

We've resolved an issue where it was not possible to dump bodies off some ledges of the building in Dubai.

Wait, what water?

We've resolved an issue where overflowing the sink in one of the bathrooms in Dubai wouldn't attract anyone.

Hold Up

We've tweaked the setup of the guard at the VIP balcony in Dubai so that he will enforce trespassing rules. Previously, he would allow 47 to trespass all too easily without consequence.

Repetitive Repetition

We identified an issue where Carl Ingram would often repeat a line of dialogue when using the dictaphone, so we've resolved the issue where Carl Ingram would often repeat a line of dialogue when using the dictaphone.


Safe Space

We've resolved an issue where 47 could be spotted by guards that were outside, when he was inside the greenhouse in Dartmoor.

Body Container

We've resolved an issue with some containers in Dartmoor where a prompt on the side of the container would allow 47 to 'dump' the body. He wasn't supposed to be allowed to do it though, so the body would be launched into the air. We've removed the prompt.


Inaccurate Weaponry

We've resolved an issue where the description of the weapons carried by targets in Berlin was not accurate.


We've resolved an issue where debug text would appear as an objective after performing specific actions in Berlin.

Unidenitfied Target

We've resolved an issue that could prevent a target from being displayed in Instinct and their details being added to the Intel menu.


This was the Silenced Version

We'd like to award Reddit user u/StealthyBastard94 the prize for 'Most Entertaining HITMAN 3 Bug Report' for March. Here's how they won this presigious and unique award. We've now changed the description so that it no longer says that the gun is silenced.

Chongqing Shortcuts

We've resolved an issue where unlocking a shortcut in Chongqing could prevent players from unlocking the associated challenges with all shortcuts.

Chongqing Controller

We've resolved an issue that could cause inconsistencies in the 'Controller' Mission Story.

Cover Up

We've removed a piece of cover in Chongqing that was floating.

The Phoenix Discourse

We've resolved an issue where 47 could 'hack' a laptop in Chongqing despite not having the proper clearance. We know that's the whole point of hacking, but it makes sense if you play the game.


Security Door

We've resolved an issue in Mendoza where an erroneous objective would appear in the menu after interacting with the security door terminal.

Mendoza Contracts

We've fixed an issue where Contracts created on Mendoza would sometimes fail to load, depending on when they were created.

Grape Box

We've (apparently) resolved an issue that could cause 47 to get stuck inside a grape box in Mendoza.
(Editor's Note: Sometimes I wonder if our developers just make up some of these 'fixes' to see if they can get them in the patch notes…)

Security Consistency

We've resolved an issue that could cause some inconsistencies with the locations of the Head of Security and the Sommelier in Mendoza.

Grape Pressure

We've resolved an issue where some bodies could not be contained within the grape presser.


Mountain Range

We've resolved an issue that could cause lighting issues in the environment, including the water.


Patient Zero

We've resolved an issue that was preventing the 'Play Next' option from displaying after completing one of the first three missions in the Patient Zero campaign.

Hidden Pigeon

We've resolved an issue that made it very difficult to locate a specific pigeon in the Himmelstein Sniper Assassin map. We'll quote the internal bug report resolution: "tweaked tree to unhide pigeon."

Beach Rest

We've resolved an issue where one particular guard on the beach wouldn't react to an exploding truck. Lazy.

Miami Zoom

We've resolved an issue that could cause visual issues when zooming with a sniper rifle in Miami.

Stick Man

We've resolved an issue in Santa Fortuna where some trees were lacking collision properties and 47 could walk (or jog) right through them.

Yoga Guard

We've resolved an issue where one specific guard in Mumbai would hold his weapon above his head, with twisted arms.

Elite Guard

We've resolved an issue that was causing clipping on the hood of the Elite Guard outfit in Isle of Sgail

Bank Mirrors

We've resolved an issue that made it impossible to shoot through the mirror between the conference room and the CEO's Private Room in New York (The Bank)


VR Crash Fixes

We've improved stability to resolving several issues that could cause the game to crash when playing in VR.

Hokkaido OOW

We've resolved an issue where Agent 47 would consistently fall off the map when vaulting the railing on Dexter's balcony when playing in VR.

Flicker Issues

We've tweaked a few things to reduce the flickering that could occur on some of the rooftops in Berlin and some plants and hedges in Dartmoor when playing in VR.

Measure Up

We've tweaked the measuring tape item so that it looks better in 47's hands when playing in VR.


Frequent Disconnects

We've resolved an issue that could cause players to experience frequent disconnects.



We've resolved an issue where ??? might be displayed as a button prompt when attempting to take a photo, depending on the assigned button.

Training Crash

We've resolved an issue that could cause the game to crash when progressing from the Guided Training to the Freeform Training.

Crash Fix

We've resolved several issues that could cause the game to crash when performing various actions; shooting guards in Himmelstein, shooting plastic bottles in Dubai, when shooting a camera and a few other instances.


We've listed some of the most-talked about HITMAN 3 topics here to keep you updated on their progress. This isn't an exhaustive list and will be added to over time.


We're investigating and working directly with players that have reported that the HDR implementation isn't optimal on some setups.

Shoulder Camera

Removing the option to change which of Agent 47's shoulders that the game camera is located behind was intentional. This is now only possible when in combat. We're aware of player feedback on this choice and we'll share any updates here. This isn't just a toggle that we can add back in, so it can't be changed quickly.

Audio Cut Offs

We're investigating an issue that can cause the background music to abruptly stop playing during gameplay.

Challenging Challenges

We're aware of several players having issues unlocking the following challenges: Showstopper, Urine for It, Cleaning Up, The Gig Is Up, Electric Boogie, amongst others. They're all tracked.

Missing Mastery
Several players have reported that they don't see the 'Mastery progress bars' in the menu – and that's not a bug (it's a feature) it's an intentional part of our UI design. We adjust the UI depending on the device that you're playing on to give the best experience. For example, the mastery progress bars are intentionally not visible on Switch or when playing Stadia on a mobile phone.

Black Mirrors

Players have reported that the mirrors in Alexa Carlisle's office (Dartmoor) are displayed as black, when playing in VR and when viewed from a distance. This is intentional to maintain a high level of performance.

Backlog: NPCs Ignore Toilets

We're aware of a long-standing legacy issue where NPCs that are affected by emetic poison would prefer to use a bin/trash can rather than the toilet to throw up. We're close to a resolution for this issue that will mean that affected NPCs will use the more logical and "challenge-completion-friendly" option more often. Stay tuned for updates.

Your Issue Here

Once again, we want to end the patch notes by saying 'thanks for your patience and for playing'! We're sure that some of you will reach this point and be frustrated that an issue you currently have with the game hasn't been resolved or acknowledged. There's a very good chance that it's already on our radar. We'll continue to add the most-talked about topics into the Known Issues section of our patch notes as they arise.

Hitman 3 is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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