New Game In the Works from Hitman Developer and Warner Bros.

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are working together again on a new, unnamed game, the duo announced on Thursday. A press release shared this week confirmed that the two are working on b ringing “a new console and PC game experience to players worldwide,” though we don’t yet know what the results of this partnership will be. People will know IO Interactive best from their Hitman series including Hitman 2 and bundles such as the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection.

A new Hitman game coming form the partnership seems like the most likely outcome given the history between WBIE and IO Interactive, but we won’t know for sure what the plan is until the game is officially announced. Hitman HD Enhanced Collection was released most recently by the two companies while the latest installment in the Hitman series was Hitman 2 which was released in November 2018.

Despite what some may have thought given their past work together, IO Interactive is an independent developer. Hakan Abrak, the CEO of IO Interactive, said the company is looking forward to strengthening its relationship with WBIE and is expanding its team to work on the company’s next project.

“Over the past few years, Warner Bros. has shown us first-hand that they understand and respect our creative vision, and we’re looking forward to continuing this relationship,” said Abrak. “IO Interactive has a proud history of creating compelling characters and universes for our players to enjoy—it’s in our DNA. As we embark on this exciting project to create a new universe for IOI together with Warner Bros., we’re currently looking for ambitious talent to join our team in our Copenhagen and Malmö studios for this extraordinary journey.”


Hitman 2 received exceptional reviews after its launch and has continued to provide its players with regular content since it released. It’s currently sitting above 80 percent regardless of which platform you’re looking at on Metacritic, and it’s been getting new roadmaps each month to add more missions and content like Elusive Targets. The latest example of the games as a service content done well can be seen in the trailer at the top where IO Interactive outlined its latest Halloween content for Hitman 2 including another Elusive Target and themed content.

Neither WBIE nor IO Interactive have announced any potential names or release timeframes for this new project.

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