Hogwarts Legacy: How Long Does It Take to Beat?

Hogwarts Legacy is a very long game and it has a ton to do in it. Hogwarts Legacy is a brand new RPG from developer Avalanche Studios and it takes on the very ambitious idea of letting you take control of your own witch or wizard in the late 1800s, long before the Harry Potter stories. As this unnamed protagonist, you will get to adventure in and around Hogwarts, take on all kinds of quests, build the character you wish to make, and walk the line between good and evil. It has taken years for this game to arrive and the time it took is totally visible within the game.

So much so, that we have not personally finished the game at the time of writing. Even with well over 20 hours in the game, it still feels like there's a ways to go before we reach the end of the credits. However, we have been juggling side quests alongside the main story, so that is part of the reason for probably not being as far along in the narrative. We recently asked Avalanche Studios director Alan Tew for an estimate on how long it takes to beat the game and he noted that it recently took him over 80 hours to 100% everything, and that's with knowing everything about the game.

How Long to Beat Hogwarts Legacy?

"We find that the length varies really dramatically and really wildly based on the player and, like you said, mainlining versus doing side missions," Tew said. "I can describe it through my own lens. I'm someone, you can imagine, who has been through many playthroughs and you understand what I might know about the game given my position. I recently did a 100% playthrough of everything, and even with all of my knowledge and my information, that was an 80+ hour run getting through all the content. I feel like there's a lot there and a lot to engage with and I'm excited for people to have that experience."  

What Kind of Side Content is in Hogwarts Legacy?

Given it took one of the key people on the project over 80 hours to 100% the game, you may be wondering what kind of stuff there is to do to populate that time. In addition to a variety of collectibles, Hogwarts Legacy contains a vast number of side missions and school assignments to complete. These side stories will have players looking underwater for buried treasure, finding lost objects, running errands for shopkeeps, and more. There are also extra activities such as broomstick races and mini-games to partake in, so there's no shortage of content in addition to the lengthy main story.

Hogwarts Legacy will release for Deluxe Edition owners on February 7th and February 10th for everyone else with a Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC copy.