Minecraft Fan Recreates Home Depot In Game

When you put things together in the world of Mojang’s Minecraft, you usually let your [...]


When you put things together in the world of Mojang's Minecraft, you usually let your imagination run wild. In fact, we ran a story earlier today where someone managed to go all out to recreate Fortnite's Tilted Towers right down to the last block.

But we just found someone on Reddit who decided to go the extra mile when it came to reflecting something from his life within the game. He's gone and built his work place from scratch using a number of Minecraft-oriented tools. And it's none other than...Home Depot?

Minecraft 2

Yep, based on the screenshots that you can see in this article, the user, named r/BaconShooby, went all out to create not only the exterior of Home Depot, but inside as well. There aren't too many tools to speak of inside, but the structuring is about the same. And in one of the shots, you can even see the word "Appliances" on the wall in capital letters.

It's great work, although some comments have people questioning why BaconShooby would go all out to recreate Home Depot instead of...something else?

"My first reaction was...your work? Wwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?" one user asked, before someone noted, "Build what you know."

Another user named AlanWayside noted, "I feel like this would make an awesome adventure map. A zombie survival map." And he's got a point there.

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Ladainia4147 added, "No fair, my local Home Depot doesn't have horses! Really cool though, must've taken forever."

There are several other comments, most of them showing praise. But we think Helassaid's really takes the cake: "And, as is tradition, not a single employee in sight."

We do think BaconShooby did a great job with recreating Home Depot in the game, though we're still not sure as to why. But hey, who are we to judge creativity? Maybe this'll prompt someone to make a WalMart one of these days. Or for that matter, a fleet of 7-11's that service every horse that comes in. (They like Slurpees, yeah?)

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We'll let you know what other creations users come up with when it comes to the wacky world of Minecraft.

Minecraft is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and older consoles.