Horizon Zero Dawn Limited-Edition Aloy Statue is on Sale Right Now

When Horizon Zero Dawn first released, PlayStation 4 players were immediately stunned by everything this game had to offer. The vast, open world, the insane narrative, the interesting characters that all meant something to both the protagonist and the player. The PS4 title won many awards for this incredible story, and for good reason. For those that couldn't help but to love the main character Aloy, there's good news!

As part of ThinkGeek's "Modern Icons" line, the extremely limited-edition Aloy collectible is on sale now for an impressive price of $29.99! The listing itself is pretty fantastic, so we'll let the retailer explain it best:

"Horizon Zero Dawn pretty much had us at "giant robot dinosaurs." But then it turned out to be so flipping beautiful. Prettiest post post apocalypse evar. And the developers knew it because they controlled for it, and then gave players a photo mode to capture and share it.

Trick is, other than having one of your shots saved as your desktop, it's hard to enjoy that beauty when you're, say, stuck at work or have your head down at your desk instead of being lost in the game on the couch. And that's why collectibles like this one exist. Enjoy the game even when you're not playing it with this statue of Aloy, about to shoot a giant robot dinosaur. likeyado."

The Aloy collectible is the second item in the Modern Icons line and is officially licensed by Guerrilla Games. The PVC figure shows off her iconic bow and armor set and was created by using actual digital files from the game, so you know it's accurate.


For those fellow collectors out there, here's what you need to know:

  • 10.5 inches tall, with base
  • 6.5 inches wide
  • Solid PVC with elastic bowstrings
  • Weighs in at half a pound

Check her out in all of her glory in the video above! With the incredible base meant to replicate the lush wildlife seen in the actual game, the creators got ever detail down to a T, including the little braids in her hair. It's perfect for any fan of the instant hit game and you can get yours right here.