Hotline Miami Publisher Devolver Digital Destroys E3 Tropes In A NSFW Press Conference

Recently publisher Devolver Digital announced they’d be holding their own press conference at E3 2017, which begged the question – what exactly would they show? Devolver has published a lot of quality indie titles, like Hotline Miami, Broforce, and Mother Russia Bleeds, but they don’t exactly have the resources to stand up against the big boys like Sony, Microsoft, and EA. Could they actually fill out a full E3 press conference?

Well, it turns out a lack of games wasn’t really an issue, as Devolver’s “press conference” was turned out to be a vicious pre-taped parody of E3 press conferences. Devolver’s show starts with the company’s “Chief Synergy Officer” firing a gun in the air to shut down the phony audience cheering (which just makes them laugh), and things just got darker and crazier from there.

The publisher introduces “Devolver Screen Pay,” which lets you pay for games by literally throwing money at your screen, although it also severs an audience member’s hand in extremely gory fashion. Suda 51 shows up, then promptly leaves again, because he doesn’t know who Devolver Digital are. In the end, our host’s head explodes after she overloads on buzzwords. The future’s future future is finally here! The whole thing has a very strong Tim & Eric vibe, and is surprisingly sharp, self-depricating stuff for a video game publisher.

Oh, and I suppose Devolver also showed a couple games, which both look pretty good! You can check out trailers for Ruiner and Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour, below!

Want to throw some money at Devolver Digital? Well, Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour hits PC this summer, and Ruiner also hits PC sometime before the end of the year.