New Details Emerge On House Of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn

It was just a few days ago that we reported on the return of the House of the Dead franchise with [...]

House of the Dead

It was just a few days ago that we reported on the return of the House of the Dead franchise with a new arcade game, the first time it's doing so since House of the Dead 4 released over a decade ago. Scarlet Dawn promises to be the most involving game in the series to date, and now, we've gotten some new information in terms of what we can expect from it.

The game recently had a location test in Japan, and Arcade Heroes posted some new information about the game, including how gameplay will work and where it takes place in the HOTD timeline.

Scarlet Dawn serves as a "true" sequel to House of the Dead 4, and takes place three years after that game, focusing on Kate Green and Ryan Taylor, the brother of previous game hero James Taylor. Not much is known aside from that story-wise, although one of the game's previous bosses, Chariot, will be making a comeback.

As for gameplay, it'll be similar to House of the Dead 4, with free movement uzis that can lay waste to a number of zombies. Additional weapons become available over the course of the game, including grenades, a shotgun and a rocket launcher, and you can choose different routes, so you don't have to take the same path each time around.

The game also features the best graphics for a House of the Dead game to date, and will be online enabled, with interactive leaderboards and awardable trophies, so you don't necessarily have to play on your own.

Dengeki's page also has some information, talking about the game's arcade cabinet. Apparently, people will be able to watch it from the back, and even be able to hit buttons that will "allow creatures to come up and cry out", creating a new level of interaction.

There will also be a normal mode, for those that prefer casual play, as well as a master mode, for those that are confident in their zombie-killing modes. This is where the extra weapons will become available, for those that are ready for said challenge.

The game is set to distribute in Japan soon. A U.S. release date hasn't been given yet, but Scarlet Dawn is expected to arrive sometime this year.