How Just Cause 4's Systematic Overhaul Changes the Game

Rico Rodriguez is back with the fourth installment in the Just Cause franchise but it's not just a [...]

Rico Rodriguez is back with the fourth installment in the Just Cause franchise but it's not just a new story, but new mechanics as well.

I recently got to sit down with real-time gameplay during PAX West and one thing that immediately struck out to me was the total freedom the fourth installment offered players. The open world format is naturally stunning but what makes the new title a total game changer is the basic systematic overhaul the devs chose to implement.

While going through the different combat mechanics and arsenal option, the devs showed all of the different ways those resources could be utilized. There's not one way to do something, but infinite possibilities to cater to any individual's personal play style. One thing that struck out to me as when the QA for the game mentioned, "If you can think of it, chances are you can do it" and that was very evident in how the demo player took to different mission scenarios.

One significant change made was to that of Rico's grapple. Grappling is no longer about simple transversal movement but environment manipulation as well. Stick airlifts on a tank and commit aerial homicide, use a trigger grapple to flip a switch at a safe distance - there are so many different ways to approach this game and that's all thanks to the decision to use the Apex engine. The game is completely systematic and that's a true freedom that hasn't always been prevalent in the series as we know it.

Though Just Cause has always been about a massive scale game, there was always a limited scope on how to approach progression. Just Cause 4 saw those limitations and blew right though it. Pair that with the limitless arsenal of weapons and vechicles that players can unlock and this adventure is for the purist that just wants to enjoy a solid gameplay experience.

From interacting with environmentals, to just causing pure chaos, the next adventure looks to do the Just Cause name justice and it will do just that when it releases on December 4th this year.