Get ‘Human Fall Flat” on PC for a Ridiculous Price of $6

Human Fall Flat is a top-selling game on Steam with a 90% positive rating. Ordinarily, it would [...]

Human Fall Flat is a top-selling game on Steam with a 90% positive rating. Ordinarily, it would set you back $14.99, but for 72 hours you can get it on Fanatical for Widows, Mac, and Linux only $6! Six bucks for a game that allows you to fling Bobs over walls with a catapult. That's a no-brainer right there.

At that price, you and seven of your buddies can afford to dive in to the online multiplayer and have fun figuring out how to get your Bobs across obstacle-ridden dreamscapes. In fact, there's a discount if you order multiple copies. A 2-pack of Steam keys will only cost $10.99 and a 4-pack will run you $16.24. The game supports local co-op as well.

You can see Human Fall Flat in action in the video above, then head on over to Fanatical to take advantage of the sale while it lasts. You might also want to check out their list of top sellers for more huge deals. Just keep in mind that you need a Steam account to play. The official description of the game is available below.

Bob is stuck in limbo, unable to escape a series of dream-like worlds filled with puzzles and obstacles to overcome. With advanced physics and innovative controls, players have to help Bob maneuver across terrains by climbing, jumping and, in some cases, flinging him from a catapult!
Beware of traps and trip-ups along the way as you attempt to free Bob from this never-ending dream world. Death is out of the question, so dust yourself off and try a new approach.

As if hilariously running around levels and launching your Bob over walls and into buildings wasn't cool enough, Human: Fall Flat now supports fully-fledged online multiplayer. Simply create an in-game lobby with your friends and fellow gamers and prepare to stumble through objectives together.

As well as painting various designs on Bob's plain white body, you can also download, and even upload, your own skins. Players have already gone above and beyond with designs, from superhero costumes including Spider-Man and Iron Man to penguins and the cast of South Park.


• Direct and complete control of the character: Nothing is scripted and no limits imposed.
• Fully interactive environments: grab anything, climb anything, carry anything.
• Local co-op mode for you and a friend to tackle the worlds together, and online multiplayer for 8-player laughs.
• Paint your own custom Bob or even import your face onto his via webcam.
• Eight dreamscapes to explore with many puzzles to solve.
• Unlimited replay value created by you thinking outside the box.

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