Humble Bundle Gets Straight Up Jurassic With Its Prehistoric Sale

Turok Dinosaur Hunter

Let’s say you’re in a dinosaur state of mind with your video games. No, I don’t mean older games, I mean games with actual dinosaurs. Because sometimes you want to battle the elements against them, or maybe even play as them. Well, in that regard, Humble Bundle has just the sale for you.

The website is hosting a Prehistoric game sale all this week, where you can get your hands on some dino-riffic bargains, some as low as 90 percent off. These include a number of classics, like Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park: The Game, as well as Nightdive Studios’ impressive ports of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, as well as the latest in the Primal Carnage series, in case multiplayer is your forte.

Let’s take a look and see what you can get for a good price!

  • Primal Carnage: Extinction- $2.59
  • Jurassic Park: The Game- $4.99
  • Saurian- $14.99
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil- $9.99
  • Collision Course- $7.99
  • Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Reborn- $9.89
  • Island 359- $19.99
  • Dino D-Day- $.99
  • Turok: Dinosaur Hunter- $4.99
  • Birthdays the Beginning- $15.99
  • Guardians of Orion- $.74
  • Guardians of Orion: Pioneer Edition- $2.49
  • Guardians of Orion: Elite Edition- $4.99
  • Orion: Prelude- $.74
  • Orion: Prelude (Ultimate Edition)- $2.49

There are quite a few good picks here, like the Orion games as well as Birthdays the Beginning, should you be seeking something more light-hearted. But clearly this is a great time to take advantage of the Turok games, especially if you grew up in the Nintendo 64 era. With the games coming to Xbox One this week, excitement for their re-releases are at an all-time high – and now you can enjoy both for about $15. Not too shabby.

For that matter, Telltale’s Jurassic Park: The Game is worth a revisit. While it’s not as strong as the company’s latest fare, it’s an officially licensed game that takes you through the park, fighting to survive at every turn. It’s certainly worth it for the five bucks, and it’ll put you in the right frame of mind for the forthcoming Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, which hits theaters this June.

The sale won’t last too much longer, so head on over and get your hands on some Jurassic bargains!